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Character to Release New Postman Pat Toys in 2013

Postman Pat's Van

Postman Pat's Van - New Style Packaging 2013

It has been confirmed that master toy licensee Character Options are to release a brand new range of Postman Pat toys in 2013.

The new range of Postman Pat toys is set to coincide with both the release of the Postman Pat movie and a new series of the show airing on CBeebies.

New vehicles will include Postman Pat’s Quad Jeep Pat 7 and a high speed train called the Pencaster Flyer.

There will be new plush lines including a must-have interactive Jess plush toy Stroke and Purr Jess and a movie-inspired interactive Showbiz Pat Singing and Dancing Postman Pat as seen in the new movie.

Existing toys are being repackaged to resemble the actual parcels and packages that Pat delivers.

Hopefully the new toys will debut at the London Toy Fair in January 2012.

The long-anticipated new Postman Pat movie is set for release on May 24th, 2013.

There will also be 26 brand new episodes of Postman Pat when SDS Series 2 airs this year.

Where to Buy Postman Pat Toys

Postman Pat Toys are available to buy now direct from the licensed makers Character Options.

Character offer the very latest range of SDS Postman Pat toys wholesale to many retailers for resale, including all the major supermarkets and UK toy stores.

For vintage Postman Pat toys the best place to look online is ebay. Its worth remembering that modern collectables, including toys, are worth more if they are still in their original packaging. The best examples in mint condition will fetch the highest prices.

Postman Pat is a brand with enduring popularity and emotional appeal so its a certainty that early examples of vintage toys from the time of the classic 1980s Postman Pat episodes will be tomorrow’s highly prized collectables.

But you don’t have to spend a fortune to collect old Postman Pat toys. Vehicles and figures by ERTL, Corgi and ER can also be picked up at charity shops and car boot sales for very little money. Not everyone will want a ‘mint’ unopened example; after all, the most fun you can have with toys is to open them up and play with them!

New Postman Pat Toys

Previewed at the London Toy Fair was a very special new delivery from Character Options.

Part of their exciting new Postman Pat SDS range, this wonderful new toy is both an action figure and a vehicle at the same time.

Folded out this unique toy becomes a presentable Postman Pat figure. Folded in it transforms into Postman Pat’s vehicle Pat 1.

Two Postman Pat toys in one? Postman Pat fans definitely never had it this good!